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Associative Property!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys! I'm Mimi Droeshout and this is my presentation about associative property! Wondering what you'll be seeing/reading here? Well... I'll tell you what associative property is if you don't know. I'll also tell you how to do it and why the numbers add up to be the same. For those of you who still don't get it / are still confused, I have some of the links I got my info from at the bottom!!

What is associative property?

Adding or multiplying a set of 3 or more numbers is the same, no matter what order their brackets and in.

Example-- Addition


Example-- Multiplication

(12*2)*4=96, tells me that changing the grouping of the addends does not change the sum. Changing the groupings of factors does not change the product.
I think that this really explains why it doesn't matter, for people who still don't understand what I meant, I think this a good way of explaining it to them thoroughly.


Why does the answer stay the same?

If you are adding all the same factors together or multiplying all the same factors together. It doesn't really matter. If you would mix them up though-- it would.



If I would change the order of the numbers the answer will be different.


Why is it different?

Its different because you would have to follow the BEDMAS operation and by doing that your number will turn out differently. 4*3=12 and than if you have to add 2 it would equal to 14. Now if you would insert brackets--


It would equal a different number again because you would need to do what is in the brackets first. 3+2=5 -- 5*4=20.



Associative Property (Multiplication)


Associative Property (Addition)