Measuring Angles:

Angles are measured in degrees. The FULL CIRCLE forms a 360 degree angle. That means a half circle or a straight angle is 180 degrees, and a fourth of a circle or a right angle is 90 degrees.
Look at the picture to look at different angles:

There are different names, for a certain angle for example:
less than 90 degrees is an Acute angle.
More than 90 degrees is an obtuse angle.
more than 180 degrees is a reflex angle.


To measure angles:

When you measure angles you use a piece of equipment called a Protractor.

To use a protractor you make you angle and then put the point of the protractor to the join in the angle, then line the protractor up with the line of the angle that is at 180 degrees and then look at the other line, and the number that the other line from the angle is at, is the measure meant of the angle.For example:
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